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2014 South Florida NECA Schedule
  1 New Years Day, Chapter Office Closed   4 General Membership, Panthers Game  
  9 Full Board Meeting, 2 PM, Chapter Office   17-20 IFEBP Trustees and Administrators, Orlando FL  
  22-23 District III V Council Meeting, Dallas Texas   17-20 CIR  
  29-31 Electri Council, Boca Raton, Florida    
  29-31 NECA IBEW Benefits Conference, Naples FL    
  3-5 AEI, Chicago IL   18 Good Friday, Chapter Office Closed  
  6 Full Board Meeting 2 PM Chapter Office   24-27 Florida Council, Weston Diplomat, Hollywood FL  
  26-29 ELECTRI Cross Border, Havana Cuba    
  MAY   JUNE  
  1 Full Board Meeting, 2PM Chapter Office   5 Academy of Elec Contracting, Santa Barbara, CA  
  5-8 Legislative Conference, Washington DC   23-25 IFEBP Trustees / Admin. Institute, Las Vegas NV  
  12-15 CIR   27-29 General Membership Meeting, Fishing, Hawks Cay  
  19 NECA Safety Professionals Conf., Rosemont IL    
  26 Memorial Day, Chapter Office Closed    
  3 Full Board Meeting, 2PM Chapter Office   27-2 NTI, Ann Arbor, MI  
  4 Independence Day, Chapter Office Closed   11-14 CIR  
  11-14 Southern Regional Convention, Colorado   19-21 Southern Regional Managers, Chattanooga TN  
  14-15 Electri Council Meeting TBD    
  27-2 NTI, Ann Arbor, MI    
  29 General Membership Meeting, Marlins Game    
  1 Labor Day, Chapter Office Closed   12-15 IFEBP Conference, Boston MA   
  4 Full Board Meeting, 2PM Chapter Office   24 Administrative Assistant’s Luncheon  
  16 General Membership Meeting TBD    
  26-30 NECA Convention, Chicago, IL    
  10  Golf Tournament   13 General Membership Meeting, Holiday Party  
  6 Full Board Meeting, 2PM Chapter Office   25-26 Christmas, Chapter Office Closed  
  10-13 CIR    
  27-28 Thanksgiving, Chapter Office Closed    
* Tentative Subject to Locked in Arrangements